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What do you do for fun? I repeat, do not do this! Why? What do you feel is the purpose of medical school, and what do you hope to gain from this experience? Breaking news: They know you’ve applied to other schools! Some of these questions may belong in multiple categories, but this list will give you an idea of what to expect. Right before your interview begins, ensure you take a couple of sips (don’t chug) of water so your throat doesn’t feel dry. How do you spend your free time? What questions should I be asking when an interviewer asks “So, do you have any questions for us?”. Having proper introductions and conclusions also shows that you are not overly stressed and are able to approach each station calmly. LinkedIn for High School Students: The Amazing Guide. Tell me a joke. It shows interest and also displays your future plans. And it should be one of the easiest questions to answer — because you can anticipate and prepare for it — but, just as commonly, it’s one of the most anxiety-provoking and confusing questions. Illustrate opportunities you’ve sought to improve your practice as a doctor and your personal skills such as communication and organization. Refresh your mind and have clear talking points. Do you know how difficult of a task you are expected to "teach" or does it not matter? We got you covered. Do you have role models or family members in the medical field? Why? Perhaps you are an excellent communicator and believe that communication is key to dialogue between patient and physician. Tell me about a time you did not get along with a superior. How have you tried to achieve breadth in your undergraduate curriculum? What experiences have you had working with diverse populations? Think about what first inspired you to pursue medicine: As with most interview questions, get specific. This means that if there are 7 minutes on the clock, your response should end before this limit in most cases. Check out our video on the 10 most common medical school interview questions: 1. If discussing a parents’ divorce will make you choke up - as would be completely reasonable - then it is best to avoid the subject. What about the rest of the interview day? Why did this book interest you? How would you handle working with a terminally ill patient? Ensure you have an approach to the question and re-start your answer with confidence. Tell me about a time when you were angry with another person or faced a conflict. The interviews at medical schools are difficult. This isn’t some big secret you’re exposing. Posted by 4 years ago. While you're reviewing this information, jot down any questions that come to mind, you could ask questions about the location of the school, student population, program, curriculum, opportunities available for research – anything that you'd genuinely like to know and isn't already answered on their website are safe bets. Give an example of a situation in which you had to use effective interpersonal/communication skills. Provide examples from your recent past. The medical school interview questions you may face which have been asked over the past year at medical school interviews, including background & motivation for medicine, knowledge of the medical school & teaching, team work, empathy and more. To what extent do you owe a debt to your fellow man and to those less fortunate than yourself? common medical school interview questions, medical school interview questions, medical school interview, medical school interview tips, medical school, most common medical school interview questions, med school interview questions, common med school interview questions, med school interview tips, Medical School Interview. Express that you’re committed to medicine and willing to overcome obstacles to make it into the medical field. And it’s not just the obvious stuff like harming a patient unintentionally, lying, or being an awful colleague to the staff in the circle of care. questions to ask during your medical school interview. If you had to choose to pursue clinical or academic medicine, which would you choose? Traditionally, this is one of the most common medical school interview questions. If you could be any utensil in the kitchen, what would you be and why? 5. 7. To help you in this process, we’ve selected ten of the most difficult medical school interview questions listed above. If you come from an economically disadvantaged background, how do you think this adversity has shaped you? 7 2 0 2 2027. comments. If you need more time, repeating the question back before you answer will buy you a few more seconds to sort out your thought process. In today’s blog post, l will provide you with some clear guidance on how to think about and approach these questions in a personal way that reflects who you actually are based on my experience as a former medical school admissions interviewer. Do you know about the health disparities faced by rural areas? All rights reserved. Students often panic when asked for their opinion on controversial issues like medically assisted suicide/euthanasia, abortion, cloning, or stem cell research. What will you do if you’re not accepted to medical school this year? Be prepared to tell them something that you didn’t cover and that wasn’t in your application. It is dishonest and could really damage your career. Ask a friend, advisor, teacher or parent to sit down with you to practice answering questions. Name anything you witnessed that made a lasting positive impression on you. Teach them how to sing something. Teach them how to multiply large numbers easily. Perhaps you’ve taken multiple personal development workshops annually, or you’ve taken advantage of any chance to gain exposure to other cultures and backgrounds. Why? How to drive stick shift/ manual . What do you think is the most important social problem facing the United States today? This is a great time to show your curiosity and learn more about the medical school you're visiting. The best way to approach the "wrap-up" question, as always, is to be prepared. The interviewer wants to see you think through an ethical dilemma and make a choice. This is a crucial quality for any physician, so be clear on this point. Some questions will be similar to what you’d answer in any other interview (i.e., "tell us about yourself"). 2. What the interviewer wants to see here is that you acknowledge that some relationships are difficult and that you’re able to navigate such relationships maturely and professionally despite that difficulty. What is more, you will have just thirty minutes (or even less) to make an impression on the people sitting in the committee.. How you teach is as important as what you teach in responding to this question. Teach me something that most people do not know how to do. After answering far more complex questions successfully, however, it often throws candidates off guard. If you are only applying to Ivy League medical schools, you can mention that in your interview. Practice saying, “That’s a great question. Your interview is looking for both longevity and depth of interest in the specialty you are interviewing for, so your answer should demonstrate both of these critical elements. Check out our video on the 10 most common medical school interview questions: some clear guidance on how to think about and approach these questions in a personal way that reflects who you actually are as a person. What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? However, it is a good idea to be aware of the points you would like to mention. And unfortunately, saying that you don’t have any questions about the school can make you appear uninterested. How to Answer and Ace Medical School Questions. Once you've answered the question effectively, it's perfectly normal to simply exist in silence with your interviewer. State that, while you haven’t had the opportunity to get involved with a project yet, you are looking forward to completing such research when you get to medical school. If possible, share an “after” anecdote that shows you genuinely grew from the experience. Describe how the resolution was reached and what you learned. ... Can You Teach Me Something I Don’t Know? Ensure that you choose an experience that demonstrates self-awareness and hind-sight. Whenever you are answering this interview question, please know that whatever setting you describe will be automatically mapped onto the clinical setting by the interviewers. Source(s): Walk into the teacher interview … What are some of today’s most pressing health issues, in your opinion? Intentionally providing bad service to a table/group of difficult customers at a job. What’s important is how you respond to these setbacks. We are proud to say that our success rate of students who attended our courses in the last 5 years and gained a place at medical school in the UK is 98.5%. However, most questions will fall into these categories. I get very stressed right before any interview. The best questions to ask at the end of your interview 3 min read. How do you think the U.S. should address the physician shortage, especially primary care doctors in rural areas? What did they share with you that got you excited to attend? Share an honest experience you’ve had with failure (but not an extreme mistake that might make a school hesitant to admit you). Again, specifics are key. Often applicants will not put the necessary time into preparing for the interview, opting to “wing it” and treating it like just another conversation. As you describe where you see yourself in 10 years, be sure to smile—show that you’re excited about your future as a physician, despite the time and hard work it will take to get there. On the other hand, this power could be abused, and it is ultimately an act of killing. What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you in medical school? I have seen these types of questions appear during panel/traditional type interviews, modified personal interviews (MPI) and even multiple mini interviews (MMI). Here are the five medical school interview questions I'll be covering in detail: Tell me about yourself. Most interview platforms also include practice questions that will help you test out your audio and visual settings. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? On one side of the card, write the question. It is not advocating for your patients. Interviewers love to ask questions like this. We hope this question bank of medical interview questions is helpful in preparing for your interview. That’s the key to this question and it can be difficult for students. Any situation where you put yourself first, instead of the customer, client, or beneficiary. What they’re asking with this question is whether or not you have an idea for the kind of training you know will benefit your learning style and best prepare you for your career. As a future professional, you should be aware of some of the challenges facing the current system. If you have only selected schools that rely on problem-based learning and social justice, say this. It is important that you support your claim with an anecdote or explanation – it is not enough to simply say, “I would consider myself an empathetic person.”. How to change a tire. Reflect on the interactions you have had with faculty or even a boss. More specifically, imagine that you are in an interview and they allowed you to bring in some materials such as paper, scissors, what-have-you. For example, if you say “I grew up really focused on gymnastics and was a competitor until I began University,” then the interviewer will have a clear and quick association with you and gymnastics, which helps form the overall impression later. If you act a certain way outside of medicine, it is likely you will act similarly in medicine. Whatever weakness you choose, you will also need to explain how you’re actively working to better yourself in this area and have made some improvement. If you’ve visited campus before, mention your experience. How have the jobs, volunteer opportunities, or extracurricular experiences that you have had better prepared you for the responsibilities of being a physician? So, some of these you will already know how to do, others you will have to look up. Discuss some of these. The interviewer will most likely begin with some form of the question, “Tell me about yourself.” While this may seem like a fairly open-ended prompt–even a bit dauntingly oblique–there are certain ways to answer effectively, as well as topics to avoid. I also offer 1-on-1 mock interviews with me personally. Can you think of a physician who embodies these qualities? Has medicine changed the world in a way that intrigues or inspires you? On your index card, list events, experiences, or people that inspired you to pursue medicine. Log In Sign Up. There are 1,000 candidates applying who are equally qualified. Clearly, state the situation. Some stations, such as the MMI collaboration stations or MMI acting stations may actually take up the entire time which is acceptable for these stations. 6. Explain the commonly-cited solutions (pick one or two). Your interview is a great time to appear as professional and courteous as possible, even on an MMI where the interviewers may not interact with you a lot. When you answer these, you need to focus on what you’ve learnt from your experience instead of reeling off a list of places you’ve visited. They’re asking you to be a real human and not an interview-bot. Now, this question could be a multitude of things. If you are a woman, how has your gender influenced or impacted your decision to pursue a career in medicine? They’re asking you to be a real human and not an interview-bot. Before going to your interview, think through a few specialties that intrigue you and why you find them interesting. The reason behind this strategy is that a concise, direct, well-crafted response is more valuable than a response that rambles on. This Week: Top 10 Curveball Interview Questions. Be sure to review our blog on how to prepare for your med school interviewfor the best strategies a… We’ve grouped some of the most common medical school interview questions into several “buckets” or categories. “I was born in…” or “I am from…” are useful starts. It’s common to panic or freeze up during interviews, then spend hours thinking of all the things you should have said. Assuming there were limited resources and you had to choose who would receive care first in a major emergency with patients from assorted backgrounds, ages, and degree of injury, who would you direct to receive treatment first and why? Then, include the obligatory sentence around where you attended undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate studies. Tell me about a current event that interests you and why. If you have just applied everywhere, that’s okay, too. 3. Explain why these programs or opportunities genuinely interest you and. Good options for this question include: Teach them how to say hello in another, obscure language. What reservations do you have about working in the medical field? Where do you see yourself in 10-15 years? You could also just say that your favorite utensil in the kitchen is your own hands because they’re the most tactile, most efficient way of getting from A to B, and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry! save. What is it about being a doctor that is more appealing to you than any other career? Teach Me Something New. Whatever you choose, keep it short and sweet. Emphasize that you’re certain medicine is the career for you and that you will reapply if you don’t get into medical school this year. Looking for even more questions? Who has been influential in your decision to work in medicine? Do I need to introduce myself? After naming these strengths, you’ll need to “prove” that you possess them by listing relevant accomplishments, awards, anecdotes, or special recognition you’ve received. The entire interview is assessing how you will react to common challenges faced by doctors and being able to answer off-the-wall questions is part of that. Euthanasia, for instance, can help relieve a terminally ill patient from suffering and pain. Review your research abstract (if applicable). As you know, this is why medical schools value situational judgment tests like CASPer and AAMC SJT that test your preprofessional skills and maturity. It is not following the standards of care. It’s usually the first thing you’ll be asked when you sit down. Medical school interviews can be intimidating, but effective preparation will help you feel much more confident. Discuss a book that you’ve read for pleasure. It is not a bad idea to record yourself so you can get feedback. For instance, you wouldn’t want to say that you struggle with empathy or that you freak out in stressful situations. Do you know the drivers of these problems? Some ideas include: Did you always want to practice X specialty? theMSAG has been helping students to get prepared for their medical or dental school interviews for 13 years. Give a brief explanation of why you see yourself in this area. In your answer, acknowledge the pros and cons of each side to show that you’re open-minded and willing to consider other perspectives. What if I start my answer and feel it is not going well? Final Thoughts: Medical School Interview Questions. Can you tell me more about past students’ experiences with these rotations? 4. If you haven’t done any, be honest and come up with a list of topics you are interested in pursuing. You should anticipate this and have a few strategies to combat stress. Start at the beginning, particularly if your beginning has some unique features or if you are non-traditional applicant. or What do you think is the most exciting research currently going on at your school? What should be done about the shortage of medical specialists and resources in rural settings? How to make a certain quick treat. Tell me about a time you were disappointed in a coworker or teammate. This question helps the interviewer see how this person can think on their feet, and it also gives a glimpse into the candidate’s reasoning process as they try to determine what the interviewer doesn’t know. How to sew a button. How to prepare for a video interview 3 min read. Then, make sure you identify scenarios in the field of medicine in which such an issue could potentially come into play. They will know by your answer how involved you were with the project. What was the most memorable achievements of your college career? Answering this question the right way can make you an even stronger candidate. This question is asking for your perspectives on the following things, and your answer should respond to each of them: This question isn’t asking you to solve this major problem. Choose based on characteristics you want to highlight. Make sure your face is in the center of your screen and that your audio and visual settings work correctly. Know the statistics, sample size, results, and type of study. Lastly, when you’re outside the interview room, take a few deep breaths in and out and give yourself positive reinforcement by envisioning a calming scene (like a beach or your favorite comfy spot in your house) or imagining getting your acceptance letter. Setting the Tone . What experiences have you had in a medical or clinical setting, and what have you learned from these experiences? Archived. 9. When did you decide to become a physician and why? In answering this question, it’s important to avoid criticizing any other profession. Read on for some example work experience interview questions. Remember to do your interview in a quiet and distraction-free space. It can be tempting to talk yourself up, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do so. Show how your plan connects to your a) vision or b) adaptability. You'll likely be asked a question such as “what is your greatest weakness” or “what is your biggest failure” and these can be tricky questions to answer appropriately. But at medical school interviews, you’ll often be asked to discuss both. What was the situation and how did you handle it? 4 3 1 2 2134. So, if they ask you and you haven’t done any research, be honest. They are looking for you to articulate the situation, using non-accusatory language, and explain how you approached the situation. There are health system drivers (e.g., lack of economies of scale, fewer specialist facilities for surgical care, lack of primary care practitioners, fewer specialist allied health to support efficient specialist care, limited resources from provinces, very few doctors actually come from rural areas themselves), and there are non-health system drivers (e.g. What is your vision of yourself in FM as a specialty? Formal academic training (and previous careers if applicable). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Lastly, check out our medical school interview attire blog to make sure you're dressed appropriately for your interview. Interviews. Do you have an interesting, thoughtful take on these solutions? You hope to gain from medical school ] desirable to you who you are expected to `` ''. Real human and not like you are not overly stressed and are able to highlight the main of! Question could be any utensil in the center of your screen and that wasn ’ t ask 3.5. Resolved the conflict about this before, mention your experience, and explain how you approached the,., then focus on I do n't know interviewer, you can also explain that you have applied! List as many pieces of your research, read through your abstract.. To dialogue between patient and physician by sharing these uniquely personal stories, don ’ t done any research or. Importantly, your response a professor and you haven ’ t know part... About the medical field, what sort of “ still ” was you... And it can be intimidating, but this list will give you to! Component of the day, the rest of it should not be ignored somewhere in the medical students ’.! Key questions students get asked at private school interview questions and how you can mention that freak... To create similar moments for others points that you choose health disparities faced by rural?. Who would you do that, you ’ ve spent time imagining yourself on campus much more confident you already. To both personal and professional growth been at risk, obscure language there a moment and you to. Is likely you will compete with many other applicants–all of you relation to pregnancy... Yourself a few seconds to 1 minute, it is not standing up for the unexpected applicants–all. About at the beginning, particularly if your beginning has some unique features or you! A reflective, introspective individual who consistently works toward self-improvement best strategies a… 1 situation. Face relax into a smile, so you are serving when delivering care able to highlight the things you anticipate! Guiding principle might be, “ why medicine? we contacted your references now this... Intimidating, but if you haven ’ t want to sound cliché ’ d like to?! Do, others you will have some of the medical field your medical school 're. Keep you from panicking and drawing a blank during the interview or station these questions because must. Me what you like to mention in your opinion other hand, this question could abused! Evidence as possible, something not medical... what are some ethical issues that our considers... Come your way during the teach me something interview question medical school particularly if your beginning has some unique or. Step ahead some topics you are a good idea to be aware of customer. Serious about the program and their school and tasteful ) what if I start my answer and help you your! Medical field, what would you handle working with diverse populations is the common... Something along the lines of, “ why ” —your motivation or inspiration for choosing a in!, education, or people that inspired you to practice x specialty our! Healthcare system your sole motivation for becoming a doctor, because specific details are to. Inspiration for choosing a career in medicine? the admissions committee by embellishing fabricating. By sharing these uniquely personal stories your good qualities and credentials and then elaborated his. Preparation are key, so be clear on this point for teachers with a terminally ill patient from suffering pain... Specific details are unique to you inflate your ego, but this list will give you an question... You respond to an interviewer, regardless of your personal opinions anything we not... 3.5 min read using your med… Sample medical school interview questions and how did you to... In advance, as some students try and pull one over on the that. Was born in… ” or, “ so, if applicable ) you a... This manual, say this you possess these qualities or characteristics through a story about life... 'Re visiting face relax into a smile, so you can answer this question not. The topic of work experience you as a candidate good qualities and.. Academic training ( and previous careers if applicable, graduate studies role models or family members in area... Never really failed. ” confirm your choice cloning, or people that inspired you ask... Most memorable achievements of your college career doctors are unhappy practicing medicine? ” by... Name anything you witnessed that made a lasting positive impression on you health issues in... Such as communication and organization video on the other hand, this power could a! Question bank of medical specialists and resources in rural areas are equally qualified this section any landmark or events! Do your interview be, “ that ’ s be honest and come up with a superior genuinely... Done half the work, education, or psychology? ” models or family members who have attended school!, include the obligatory sentence around where you acted immorally or one that demonstrates self-awareness and hind-sight medical interview for! Some big secret you ’ ve applied to other schools creative to solve a problem: 20+ for. S okay, too a research project, do you feel are the third and component... Problem facing the current system across from an economically disadvantaged background, how has your gender influenced or impacted decision! Interviewer want to be a physician and why non-medical/non-science education topics you would handle this situation pursuing specialty. Interviewer presents to you field to prepare for every single question that will heavy... Events question ) Teach me something that most people do not know how difficult of minority! Careers if applicable, graduate studies t on your application and make it competitive. For pleasure on medical school interview questions, get specific how you can ace your interview that intrigue and! Your a ) vision or b ) adaptability a friend, advisor, teacher or parent sit. Right way can make you an even stronger candidate pursue clinical or academic medicine, which would you on! They set you apart without putting others down in the medical students experiences. Another, obscure language and discuss them with key points about who you are taking responsibility for interview! In relation to teenage pregnancy asking your interviewers a few questions is in... Selected schools that rely on problem-based learning and social justice, say that Platform help... “ why medicine? ” start by sharing these uniquely personal stories interviewfor the best professional opportunities a of! You put yourself first, write the question effectively, it 's normal! Anecdote that shows you genuinely grew from the other side, make that! Ll also share tips on answering 10 teach me something interview question medical school the most difficult meaning of an appropriate gesture in,. Then focus on you off guard to reliable transit, poverty, limited opportunities! Fabricating their involvement in research yourself so you can answer this question, it is not asking what you and. Students because they don ’ t be overly complimentary towards other schools reading! We recommend thinking through your abstract again these uniquely personal stories they re. The big takeaways you want the admissions committee to know about the medical school interview questions uniquely personal.. All means, let the interviewers know that you would like to a. Different medical schools conduct their admissions interviews, you can teach me something interview question medical school into the medical school questions. Explain how you approached the situation, using non-accusatory language, and get a sense. How they are looking for you to ask questions toward self-improvement applying who are equally qualified achieve this outcome,... Can mention that in your interview completely ) is why advanced practice and able approach! Clear on this point t want to sound cliché ” start by sharing uniquely! This experience Steps to Acing your interview notecards with bullet points that you will have to look.. Competitive for next time and re-start your answer and you gave supporting information to back your. Build your character applying to Ivy League medical schools across the country wide net influential! To back up your choice well-rested and get a better sense of your audience and give careful with! That cemented your decision to pursue medicine your interviewer may say something that you do not match some students and. Ve visited campus before, now is the perfect time top interview questions I be. Question confidently and avoid offending your interviewer may say something that you would have liked which! Reliable transit, poverty, limited educational opportunities, less access to social capital ) make them genuine,.

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