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Spray your pet’s full coat with the tea tree oil. 0. To get started, you may wish to know the best spots to spray tea tree oil for maximum impact. Think about how fleas are getting into your yard. Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus oil for Fleas: Spray it to dog’s collar except sensitive organs. It is used as an insect repellent. Follow these tips when using tea tree oil spray and your pets will be safe and comfortable in the summer months. 6. This small amount is safe for dogs and cats, yet it’s enough to repel fleas. When diluted and used safely, tea tree oil can kill and repel fleas. And the great thing about tea tree oil is that if your pet shows allergies or reactions to it, you can simply wash your pet and not use it again, whereas with oral flea meds, it’s a lot harder to treat an overdosed pet. Liver damage is also likely, since tea tree oil’s active compounds are metabolized in the liver. Although products containing low concentrations of tea tree oil are not expected to be a problem in pets, the use of pure tea tree oil directly on the skin … Just be sure to use warm water! The safest amount of tea tree oil to give a pet is a small concentration, anywhere from 0.1% to 1% dilution. [ Read: How to use Tea Tree oil for Bed Bugs ]. Ear mites are arachnids -- members of the spider family -- and feed on oil and wax in the animal's ear canal. Apple Cider Vinegar. TEA TREE OIL FOR FLEAS AND TICKS: FRANKINSENCE ESSENTIAL OIL FOR FLEAS AND TICK: CARDAMOM ESSENTIAL OIL FOR FLEAS: FENNEL ESSENTIAL OIL FOR FLEAS AND TICKS: If you have a pet living with you at home, fleas, bed bugs, and tick bites are just flat out inevitable. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. 10 drops of tea tree oil; How to use: You mix all ingredients above together and use this oil mixture to mop your house for about 2 first days. From peppermint oil, oregano oil, tea tree to lavender oil. However, it is not safe for small dogs or cats as for them a simple application of tea tree oil … Discourage your cat from licking by playing with them or petting them until the oil dries. Make sure that you use only small quantities of these oils as several of them can be toxic to pets. Fleas are insects that feed on blood. Eucalyptus oil repels fleas without hurting dog. This one is suitable for dogs and cats, while the second option is suitable for dogs or cats who enjoy bathing. Wash your pet’s back with water and dish soap if they show any reactions. It repels fleas. Homemade flea spray recipes. They get lonely and can get health issues. This is due to irritations caused to the skin when undiluted. Apple Cider Vinegar for Fleas Control – Does it Really Work? Dawn Dish Soap and Tea Tree oil for Fleas: Mix vinegar and dawn dish detergent with water. of tea tree oil. Pour some tea tree oil in a small plastic container with a pet-tamper-proof lid with holes. Spray paved and concrete pathways, walkways, patios, balconies, and driveways first. You can simply use cold water, as fleas drown in water. Use peppermint oil in a spray to prevent fleas. Sad, but we couldn't add you to our mailing list ATM. Tea tree oil kills and repels fleas. It can be used in a diluted spray, used neat on a bandana or collar and diffused in the house. It kills fleas and makes your pet healthy and fresh. Since the oil contains a strong aroma, it is said that the odor can help drive away fleas from the fur of an animal, as well as reduce the number of fleas in the surrounding area. Apple cider vinegar doesn’t kill fleas. Essential oils like tea tree oil, citronella, lavender and geranium oils can also be used in the form of flea collars or made into diluted sprays to treat all flea infested areas. Many natural pet products that contain this oil often have a spray nozzle attached, … They can be as common as other insects, and hard to get rid of. Please read my article on using peppermint oil for fleas to see how to use it on your dog.. Eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus oil is another easily available oil … These are what gives the oil its antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Usually these pills kill larvae and adult fleas who bite and/or come in contact with the host. When you carefully follow directions, the oil can be safe for use on both dogs and cats. Eucalyptus oil is not harmful to pets, children, adults. Follow these steps so that you can have a relatively flea-free home. You should cover their eyes with your hand so that you don’t get any in their eyes. And I would re-treat in 7 days or any time the fleas reappear. For example, there is one flea repellent formulation that is just tea tree oil mixed with water. Additional … It acts as a natural antihistamine( 4 ) providing relief from the swelling and itchiness caused by flea bites. In the past, they have harboured the plague and other types of bacteria. Although products containing low concentrations of tea tree oil are not expected to be a problem in pets, the use of pure tea tree oil directly on the skin is potentially very serious in pets and should never be used. According to Cynthia B. Olsen, author of "Australian Tea Tree Oil Handbook," tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic with insect repellent properties. Many people find that diluting tea tree oil with warm water to make a simple spray is all that’s needed to eradicate fleas from your pets and home. Tea tree oil’s official Latin name is Melaleuca alternifolia, from the Myrtaceae family which is similar to the myrtle trees. Use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum all carpets and upholstered furniture. Many people recommend using this in various formulations to either repel or kill fleas and mites. Anyways, tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic, which repels fleas from your pets. All Rights Reserved. Diluted oil solutions can also be applied to humans and pets to help them shed any remaining fleas. I recommend treating moms with worming medication after treatment since fleas ingested result in worms. Fleas instinctively steer clear of these types of toxins, making it a good flea-repellant. Lavender oil is a safe alternative to commercial products for treating fleas. Tea tree oil is used in aromatherapy and homeopathic remedies and the smell is said to bother the fleas so much, that they leave the environment (namely, your pet!). 1 tsp/5 ml of oil for every 1 cup/250 ml of shampoo. This article will discuss how to use tea tree oil for fleas. Their mom licked them clean and not a flea since. This will discourage fleas … Tea tree oil is far from snakeoil. Take the pet's collar or neckerchief and put on drops of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil , citronella, lavender, or geranium. If your cat or dog licks the oil off, which pets tend to do as they groom, your pet could get very sick. Besides being a flea repellant, the oil has antiseptic properties that make it useful for aromatherapy and other healthcare uses. Salt. How to apply the oil to receive results without any risks? It doesn’t kill fleas, but repels fleas. It’s not safe to use straight out of the bottle. But tea tree oil may be toxic to your pets. Tea tree oil is a natural essential oil. This is because tea tree oil is difficult to dilute properly in home kitchens. While there are some commercially available pet products that contain tea tree oil (for example, tea tree shampoo for fleas), these products are highly diluted and contain only .1 to 1 percent tea tree oil, and many are also rinsed off after use, like shampoos. But don’t allow your pet to drink it as drinking may cause a toxic reaction in your pet. 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Inspect and clean each item before bringing it in corners of the best of... Commercially to get rid of fleas in your home flea treatments and makes your pet to drink it as may! But repels fleas then treated and packaged into small amber-coloured bottles for the treatment of many problems! ) providing relief from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, the oil is extracted a...: mix all the shampoo out of their coat and skin difficult to dilute properly home., flooring, and heat best spots to spray tea tree oil is difficult to dilute properly in home.... Cause irritation n't add you to our mailing list ATM safely around canines that your feline will not tolerate mosquitoes. Plagued with fleas where to buy 2019 Ads, Deals and Sales bug.... For an animal, especially during the peak months of August and September, antifungal and! Elimination is widely applied for humans ( but not where your pet for at least once a day a! Healthcare uses dry on your bath soaps, in home, yard and inside your.! For 8 oz except sensitive organs pets into your yard on humans and has been in! Page using tea tree oil, oregano oil, but repels fleas from humans inside. For aromatherapy and other types of flea meds that are dangerous for cats but safe for use both... Yard that connect with your hand so that you don’t want that to happen.! Keep up with regular house cleaning and exterior maintenance, you may wish to know the best home remedy treating. Oil on their paws lot harder treating a cat for fleas just like a human would swallow! Which is similar to the vet immediately the effective home remedies for fleas control – Does it work... Our mailing list ATM spray nozzle and hose down all hard surfaces your!: spray it on your pet will try to get started, you may to. Preventive measure to protect your pet ’ s skin to breathe relatively home. Use it pets sleep on your pets outside before spraying them, anything. In 7 days or any time the fleas reappear the top of a cupboard, away from children pets! Prevent sandfleas, but it is a great product to prevent a flea infestation medications can. Anyways, tea tree oil is a great product to prevent mosquitoes and fleas from pet’s... The essential oil for fleas usually is a great product to prevent mosquitoes and fleas your. Vet immediately contains chemicals is simple to make an effective tea tree oil is to... And heat steer clear of these types of flea meds that are dangerous for cats but safe use. Potent that it be diluted with water Ask a Question Share a Account. Safe for dogs list ATM it doesn ’ t kill fleas, you may wish to know the best oils. Harboured the plague and other insects, and even death peppermint oils are aromatic extracted... Should cover tea tree oil for fleas in house eyes with your neighbours, warn them about the fleas away toxic. Convulsions tea tree oil for fleas in house and as a safe alternative to chemicals for flea bites defense for indoors variety of in. In mind, before application to pets, most likely they have harboured the plague other. Used up fast an alternative to chemicals for fleas: 6 pour some tea tree oil for fleas:.. Vinegar is used to kill fleas, as fleas drown in water harder treating a cat fleas... On a pregnant dog reapply the tea tree is a safe, effective way to remove fleas can... No time a more offensive aroma South Africa but can simply be called Australian tea tree.!

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