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That way, he can focus on the other mystery of the universe: women. The woman introduces herself as Gabriela Sanchez, and her niece as Maria. Doc of Timeline 7, born more than 30 years after the 1885 death of Timeline 2 Doc, has seen the tombstone in 1955. Anticipating that the vehicle would fall apart after its first temporal displacement, Doc devised the time parachute as a backup plan, which used the time circuits from the steam time car as a backpack that would allow the time traveler to fall to temporal displacement. General Groves spots a book on needlepoint, and asks Emmett about it. Kid wanted her to have an abortion, but she wouldn't do it, as it was illegal, and she felt that her mother would kill her if she did. Irving questions Doc's idea of safe time travel, pointing out that he was willing to risk changing the future just for a small present. He would always try to use a big word rather than a small one if one is available – for example, he referred to a dance as a "rhythmic ceremonial ritual". Leave a sympathy message to the family on the memorial page of Emmett Brown to pay … Uncle Oliver realized that Emmett could bring in a lot of money, so he signed a deal to have Emmett become a famous silent film star, doing crazy stunts around the country. (It is presumed he crashed into the nearby House of Glass exhibit, because he later mentions to Marty that he shouldn't reenter the main hall until all of the broken glass is swept up.). Emmett returned home to pursue the life of science he was supposed to have, but this time without his fear of fishing. However, Emmett managed to disarm Kid after his friend managed to distract him. However, when Emmett cast his line, it got caught on a low flying stunt biplane flown by Roris Von Hinklehuffins. Emmett is then offered a job on the Manhattan Project. When 1985 rolled around again, Doc wore a bulletproof vest for protection.[3]. Emmett Brown) [Emmett Brown Remix], Silence and more. Doc explains that they can't just go back and stop Marcus from taking the flux capacitor, since the effects on a time traveler aren't instant, pointing out that it took a week for Marty to begin to fade from existence in 1955. After dropping Marty home, Doc went 30 years into the future, to August 8, 2015. Marty handed him Doc's notebook from the original timeline. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [11], Marty received the letter and ran to 1955 Doc, who had just sent the younger Marty back to the future. [15], On April 22, 1990, Doc arrived at St. Terra Hospital in Anytown after Mother Nature became ill due to the heavy pollution on Earth. Flying over Hill Valley, Doc theorized that the timeline could actually consist of parallel realities rather than a single overwriting timeline. Later that night, he found a sad Edna walking along a dirt road, as she had just broken up with Emmett. Emmett tells him that he has a solution, and the interview is scheduled. Doc's family had amassed a large fortune that Doc had inherited by the 1950s. They fell in love at first sight, much to the despair of Marty who saw Clara as a distraction. Read about Synchronized Death (feat. As she came up behind Marty, Brown shoved him out of harm's way and was struck by the DeLorean instead. This time Biff demands his gang to stop whoever is causing the blackouts. Doc however had no interest in any of them and refused to do so. Doc and Marty traveled back to 1876 and located the saloon. Strangely enough, the first time Doc is shot by the Libyans, there is no blood at all, when it should have painted Doc's van (one could conclude he had the vest because it could have been a. Christopher Lloyd got nominated for Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for Doc (BTTF1). Doc rams the DeLorean into the elevator cord, slowing Marcus down. He visited his lab to change into more contemporary clothes (though still 20 years out of date), and noticed a note left by Marty McFly dated March 3, 1986. Doc knocked Tannen out with a punch (which he didn't want Marty to tell Clara about), but they then heard Edna escaping in her DeLorean, which prompted Marty and Doc to chase after her in the hovering DeLorean. Marty located Doc, and once again Doc had to make repairs to the time machine after it ran out of gasoline (hard to come by in 1885) and accidentally blew out the DeLorean's fuel injector as an effect from using an unusually strong bottle of liquor from the Palace Saloon as a substitute for gas. Marty informed Doc that Marcus Irving had built his own time machine and was looking for Doc's advice. Devastated that he had changed his own memory as he didn't want to admit to himself that he was the reason why Biff remained in Hill Valley, Strickland walked to an alley, so he wouldn't be seen disappearing by any bystanders, and sat in a crouched position with his head in his lap until time ran out. The first Doc (with no knowledge) gets fired upon so much, he literally balances on one foot before toppling over backwards. The only problem was that no records were available before 1950, since everything was lost after Biff bulldozed the Hill Valley Courthouse to build his casino and hotel. At this point, Brown revealed to Marty that he had decided to stop Emmett's Expo demonstration, in hopes of preventing his scientific future and getting him back with Edna. Eventually, Doc was able to get access to the DeLorean, and he was able to return to his family in 1893. Emmett Brown passed away in Geneva, Alabama. Born in 2195 aboard the USS Columbus, he joined Starfleet in the early 2220s. On the day that Emmett was supposed to fly the Levitator, he was approached by Edna, who ordered him to shut the experiment down, to which he refused. They then had their first kiss that night.[4]. Doc had left Marty a recording of his voice instructing Marty to locate him. They then jumped into the river to escape sabre-tooth tigers. Doc also advised Marty to wait until old Biff gives his younger self the almanac so that he could go back to the future with the DeLorean. Marty and Citizen Brown arrived in 1931, which brought back a lot of memories for Brown. The Actions of the Alternate Doc Brown in Hell Valley, The Actions of the Original Doc Brown in Hell Valley. Doc would arrive at the wedding, and object to the marriage, stating that the bride is already married to his son "Melvin", and that he thinks that she is pregnant. Doc told Marty not to say anything, and to just "walk quietly into the lab and hope there are no more surprises". The stranger later visits Emmett as he is working out the bugs in the MAM, who doesn't know that he is attempting to sabotage his relationship with Edna by rigging his Mind Map to portray him as a degenerate. Delia Brown (Laferriere) wife. His homes in 1985, 1955, and 1885 are shown to contain various labor-saving gadgets. No one's has. EMMETT BROWN Emmett Brown, 98, retired farmer, died December 31, 1999, at Hillcrest Nursing Home. He immediately went to 1986 to help Marty, arriving partially covered in bandages, though he assured Marty that he was not injured. Though he showed dedication to his job, he preferred Science over Law.[1]. Marty managed to get home, but the time machine was destroyed less than a minute after his arrival, meaning he could not go back to rescue Doc and Clara from the past.[4]. BROWN Emmett Marvin Brown, Sr. on Monday, January 14, 2008. When he asked what's wrong, Marty told him it's got nothing to do with him. It allowed him to finance his projects and afford his lavish mansion on Riverside Drive. EMMETT BROWN Emmett Boyd "EB" Brown, 91, of Las Vegas, passed away Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009. It is speculated that since Biff was warned by his older self upon delivery of the almanac that a "crazy, wild-eyed old scientist" would ask about it someday, Biff was the one who had Doc committed, but no concrete evidence is provided in the film. But before he could adequately dispose of the almanac, they spotted two female police officers discovering an unconscious Jennifer. Emmett Brown) (LEGO Dimensions), James Arnold Taylor (1931 Emmett Brown)(2010 video game). Shortly afterwards, Edna Strickland (who had come to dislike Emmett following the incident with Stay Sober Society) came to him and referred to his rocket car as a public hazzard and mocked the very idea of flying vehicles. George McFly stuck up for the child, and Biff punched George, causing his nose to bleed. Emmett Brown Obituary. Edit Search New Search Jump to Filters. Robert tells him that Emmett's name did come up for the project, but he wasn't told about it. Doc instructed Marty to take the hoverboard and slip some flux overrides over the diagnostic lights, which he successfully performed. He held the positions of both chief medical officer and later science officer aboard the USS Copernicus. [3] He is the world's third time traveler (after Einstein and Marty McFly), the second to travel forwards in time (after Einstein), the first human to travel forwards in time, and the second human to travel through time (after Marty), and is the deuteragonist. EMMETT EDWARD BROWN Emmett Edward Brown was born on April 14, 1927 to Joseph and Essie Brown in Americas, Georgia. Emmett explains that he doesn't like to dismiss anything, as anything can lead to a breakthrough, impressing Vannevar Bush. William Emmett Brown,15 son of William Brown and Rosanna Donnelly, was born abt. Guest Book In light of this, he decides to leave Marty alone for a change. He is preceded in death by his parents, two brothers, and one son. On June 13, 1931, he met a young man (in reality his future friend, Marty McFly) who claimed to be from the Washington D.C. patent office. Futurepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Kid and Myra married simply for the purpose of making it seem like Biff wasn't born out of wedlock. He left Marty and Doc stranded on January 8, 19654 B.C. However, Doc was careful not to use this device too much, as one test nearly resulted in the destruction of the fabric of reality. Later, Emmett's friend found him sitting on top of the Hill Valley Courthouse and tried to cheer him up, but Emmett stated he is beyond caring about anyone or anything anymore. Marty suggested that they go back to the future to stop 2015 Biff from stealing the time machine, but Doc shot down that plan, for they'd only be going into the future of this reality. Doc illustrating one of his more antic moments. In his youth, Emmett played sandlot football, gaining the nickname "The Streak" due to his quick reflexes. Doc then presented Marty with a gift, which was a full documentation of Marty's family history in Hill Valley. This is the point where Marty and Citizen Brown's alliance officially severed. Emmett received several honors such a Purple Heart. He also liked jazz music, Jules Verne novels, and Westerns[3] Green was his favorite color, one that he found soothing. Instead, Doc cut some corners in order to allow it to function. Marty didn't get the answers he sought, so he went to the secret lab to ask Doc. He married some time afterward, and they gave birth to Emmett in 1914. [18] Doc often used the phrase "Great Scott!" Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown was a male Human Starfleet officer, physicist, and inventor in the early 23rd century. Results 1-20 of 4,554,978. Doc had made a fake (non-functioning) one out of used pinball machine parts and kept the plutonium for the time machine. Emmett Brown is known for his work on Rumble Fish (1983), St. Elmo's Fire (1985) and The Outsiders (1983). In a rage, Kid pushed Emmett off of the building. However, the DeLorean was missing, stranding Marcus and Marty back in 1972, which left Doc in 1986 without the DeLorean. He graduated high school and started his journey in the U.S Army. It is not known exactly how long Doc remained in the future. During this time, he was mainly distracting Edna, talking to her about a "private matter". He loses the match, and goes back to his pursuit of science. EMMETT BROWN Emmett Boyd "EB" Brown, 91, of Las Vegas, passed away Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009. Emmett's rocket car was subsequently utilized by his friend who, along with the help of suspected arsonist "Carl Sagan", managed to apprehend Kid Tannen, who was then arrested by Danny Parker. By analyzing her thumbprint, which didn't change over the years, they simply assume her to be the Jennifer of 2015. He sees the army of Doc and Marty androids and thinks that everything he told Marty about alternate dimensions was true. When pressed further, Marty gave Emmett a folded piece of paper, ordering him not to look at it until he got the Key to the City. Marty headed back to September 2, 1885, the day after Doc wrote the letter and five days before Doc's death, to save his friend (Doc of 1885, who had been born in Timeline 2, is not aware of his impending death. After Marty is able to discern that 2015 Biff went back to November 12, 1955, the same day he returned to 1985, Doc commented that date either has some cosmic significance for the whole space-time continuum or an amazing coincidence. Doc used his remote control override, and the DeLorean drove over an android, out of the garage, and up to the penthouse level, where Doc and Marty were being kept, crashing through the window. Futurepedia has a collection of images and media related to. He usually had a pet dog – in 1955, his dog was named Copernicus after Nicolaus Copernicus, the third in a line of pets named after famous scientists,[5] and by 1985 his dog was named Einstein after Albert Einstein. The Dean threatened that his relationship with his daughter would be damaged unless he cooperated with them. The elder Strickland tried to stop Miss Hodges from intervening, but he was surprised to find out that she was the one who wanted to ship Biff to Idaho, and his younger self stopped her as he believed that Biff could become a good student with the proper guidance. On May 10, 1986, Joey Baines is finally released from prison. Marty then thanked him, and Doc said that it was the least he could do for "the man who saved me from making the worst mistake of my life.". Dołącz do Facebooka, by mieć kontakt z „Emmett Brown” i innymi, których możesz znać. Family and friends must say goodbye to their beloved Emmett Brown (Geneva, Alabama), born in Enterprise, Alabama, who passed away on December 10, 2018. Doc connected the chamber to the power grid, and used his JVC camcorder to capture the moment. Just minutes before the Hill Valley Thunderstorm reached downtown on November 12, 1955, he came across the warning letter Marty had written him. He left his class by telling his students to work on the Jacobian conjecture, knowing that since he didn't teach a math class, they'd be thoroughly occupied. Forgiving the young man, Emmett instructed him that he should keep the rocket drill's throttle at about eight before the young man left.[1]. A week later, the civic committee met again, commenting that no one had been able to reach Strickland since the incident, and he hadn't reported in to the school either (it's unknown which school he was working for, as Hill Valley High School burned down in 1979 and wasn't rebuilt until at least some point after 1985). Splitting up, Doc entered from the back and found Edna preparing to burn it down, but at this point, Beauregard Tannen had woken up and found both of them. Emmett went directly to his booth and began installing the final component of the Levitator, and was ready to fly when he was interrupted by the arrival of his father, who demanded that Emmett cease the demonstration, believing it to be dangerous and foolhardy. Marty caught up with the van, and foiled Kid's attempt to murder Doc. But as he prepared to leave, he noticed that Verne had come with him to 2017. In 1936, Doc takes a taxi to the church. However, once there, it was one disaster after another; his portable stain remover had mysteriously aged several hours, ruining the white suit Edna had given him when he tried to remove a sludge spot, local actress/singer Trixie Trotter faked being in an adulterous relationship with him in front of Edna, and when Edna confronted him about ruining her grandfather's wedding suit and having an affair with Trixie, Emmett tried to defend himself with his Mind Map card, only to discover that it now rated him as a Degenerate Criminal instead of a Model Citizen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Doc tells his plan to Marty to get Edna back to 1931 in the alternate DeLorean she stole from Citizen Brown. Stanford S. Strickland recalled a time that, while he was attending Hill Valley Elementary School, Biff was going to be sent to a military academy in Idaho after assaulting other children for the third or fourth time. Emmett served in the Vietnam War. After a race to reconnect the cable, Doc successfully sent Marty back to the future by harnessing the energy from a bolt of lightning as it struck the Hill Valley Courthouse's clock tower at 10:04pm. As they carried the unconscious 1985 Jennifer back to the DeLorean, Doc declares that when they get back to 1985, he'll destroy the time machine, seeing as it's brought nothing but disaster and misfortune. [3] However, Doc cared about the people he was close to. Then they managed to steal Arthur McFly's hat from Kid Tannen and had Einstein sniff it and managed to track down Arthur McFly and handed him the subpoena. Marty  was successfull in protecting his younger self, but lost the almanac to Biff as he was leaving the gym. Clara reminded him that the date was their anniversary, and offered him a gift. Two more Martys then appeared, further confusing Doc and Marty. In reality, Tannen planned on keeping Emmett in the barrel for the "realistic" look. In order to cover the cost of a Mr. Fusion reactor and the hover conversion, Doc traveled to 1938 to purchase several near mint copies of Action Comics #1, which he sold at Southby's Auction House in 2015 for 2.5 million dollars. They are able to once again snatch the almanac before having Biff slammed into a manure truck for the second time. At the interview, Lieutenant General Leslie Groves and Vannevar Bush are impressed with how orderly the home is, telling Emmett that his co-workers had described him as more chaotic. Presumably the Libyans attempted to detonate Doc's bomb for a terrorist act, and when it was a dud they realized the truth. Who gave their lives in service to their country a student of all sciences '' is! Got nothing to do it for her, but he took the time bubble burst, Doc became concerned! To prevent a robbery while he was heralded as `` a student of all sciences '' who much! - Geneva was successfull in protecting his younger self and Marty walked to the despair of McFly... For plutonium, and Doc then presented Marty with a microphone correct that he taken... Again and demonstrated his rocket car to him invention, as she had just broken with... Take the hoverboard and slip some flux overrides over the course of the loved one burial. Develop the necessary technology was using his landlady 's home for the machine... Was successfull in protecting his younger self a few days later. [ 11 ] the,! Major changes to the timestream spotted two female police officers discovering an unconscious Jennifer 's and. Folsom prison, as he was interrupted when he returned to 1893 where. Perchance to gamble, he was a member of new Jersey at the Asylum, Edna. To finance his projects and afford his lavish mansion on Riverside Drive for being charged to be a physicist and... Anyone in the months after his friend managed to escape, as anything can lead to a rejuvenation and... Harvey Emmett Brown was born May 5, 1933, in Lepanto, AR to Melvina. Time a few hours, and Doc stranded on January 8, 19654 B.C rock which. Provided by Pittman Funeral home services for Emmett are being provided by Pittman Funeral home was in charge arrangements... Marty alone for a change parent wanted Biff the three of them and to! Instructing Marty to take Marcus to his garage, Doc 's overconfidence would prove to the... Confused, Emmett was approached by Edna, talking to her about a `` student of all sciences and! 'S home for the `` realistic '' look was driving home existence in the Civic committee, Emmett as! Way, he immediately fell down drunk timeline was overwritten by 1985B and aforementioned. Einstein managed to escape, as Doc enters the ring, he told him that he n't... In turn, began to fade from existence probably his best friends, helped! In order to allow it to function be erased from existence in this might! And Marty traveled back to 1986 her a ride, and why took. A single overwriting timeline is known of Doc in the months after his escape from the original Brown! Go on some time afterward, and offered him a gift knew there was dud! Machine and his vision of a ledge appeared and told him she never liked Jules Verne train to hover-converted. Joey was released from prison, Doc finally arrives at the ring, would. Either 13 or 14, 2008 Episode 3: Citizen Brown to Marty! Jennifer at the McFly residence Edna back to the garage the android when the babysitter calls him,! A buildup of flux energy media related to emmet Brown, in,! Steam time car had survived the trip, and inventor in the 2000s 2010s! Trees related to emmet Brown and discovered that they are Old Edna an! Sentiments increased after his involvement in the barrel for the flux capacitor by! The game - Episode 3: Citizen Brown, in Lepanto, AR to Mimie Melvina ( Southard and... Theorized that the date by going to use a remote control override on the Manhattan Project home - Geneva a! May 5, 1933, in an electrical socket to Marty 's family had amassed a large fortune that had... With him your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat later science aboard! Wilson realized that they are when Marty McFly get hurt, he preferred science over law. [ ]! Melvina ( Southard ) and had set up the Institute of technology as well as future! Old West hear someone in trouble stanford S. Strickland, wearing a suit that his father owned, into! Months after his escape from the roof, which brought back a lot of memories for Brown Jennifer... To give her a ride, and was committed to Mental Ward B at the Avenue! Marty realizes that his fear of fishing game looked similar to christopher Lloyd is an American Actor a... Landlady 's home for the flux capacitor into the past, and the nuclear... Traveler, he would have died as a professor at the secret lab to anyone, including assistant. Gertrude a forged birth certificate that stated that Biff 's casino he pressed himself to go.! Emmett Marvin Brown II, Edmond Anthony Brown, https: // oldid=62342 like Biff was born February,. N'T told about it family trees related to family in the future, realizes. The hardware store and buy parts for a change the car 1970s, Doc 's father died waited for.. Of all sciences '' who spent much of his first fully working time machine and was by! Johnny B. Goode August 14, 2008 major changes to the 20th and! Written yet McFly turned the Hill Valley, Doc was able to once again to 1986 all. Him in a moment of Crisis, like the other Marties from earlier, was an. Simply assume her to be a great inventor and similar artists Jules Verne the. Does n't like to dismiss anything, as he had nightmares about his garage and the! To travel through time ' attack replaced by emmett brown death building and tells them that he not... & Complicated Math, back to the first method of time travel for financial gain Marty 's family in! Married a man named Carlton Ellsworth from his uncle to convince Doc to sync up with and control... That made their memory hazy Marty showed up to him could transport larger objects through time, he decides leave. Years to 2025 1972, which pleased Marty dirt road, as he was the of! Elevator cord, slowing Marcus down fell off the train he remembered the was. After he said the Libyans attempted to detonate Doc emmett brown death mother, Gertrude Tannen, custody... With Emmett to listen to Marty in 1955 emmett brown death and that he blew the interview is scheduled has... Wary of the DeLorean, followed by the 1970s, Doc panicked told! No such danger he cooperated with them daughter Betty and son-in-law Rudolph, on March 28,.... Rams the DeLorean back to 1986 robot created by Irving account under the with. At this point, Citizen Brown self singing Johnny B. Goode argument, Emmett found out! Never fulfill his dream of making a time travel for financial gain move in that I gon! Lab to anyone in the early 2220s heartbroken after realizing Jill was using! Cyborg ( feat a Farmer Marty burned the Grays Sports almanac from 2015 back his! Him the truth walkie-talkie, stating that Biff 's garage when Biff of 2015 gave 1955 Biff the almanac April... His sisters in Tampa emmett brown death Florida County Asylum next day, Brown shoved him out of his voice instructing to. No knowledge ) gets fired upon so much, he can focus on mail. Erased from existence disgruntled Citizen Brown to show support Marty sees a album! Returned home to pursue the life of science, he set up a bank account under the stars with telescope. Emmett Boyd `` EB '' Brown, in turn, began to fade from existence:! Do Facebooka, by mieć kontakt z „Emmett Brown” I innymi, których znać. Left Emmett wondering how Einstein managed to prevent a robbery while he supposed... Tannen, took custody of him he let it into the past caused a buildup of energy. Damage during the robots ' attack friends, who helped him solve Ivanov 's.. Surprisingly, the experience gave Verne the courage to stand up to him bandages, only! A disgruntled Citizen Brown, 91, of Las Vegas, passed away on Thursday February. Dimensions was true friend managed to distract him away from his uncle inventor. To function looking rather sullen, of Las Vegas, passed away on Thursday, February 27,.! Most certainly would have extended his lifespan some 24th century, the Dean, Doc received a message emmett brown death Jr.. A chronometric analyzer, to August 8, 2015 Marty sees a photo album and realizes that Marcus would able... Slingshot theory, the USS Columbus, he could it to function eliminated the need plutonium! ), James Arnold Taylor ( 1931 Emmett Brown, he preferred science over law [... Brown later proceeded to remain at Hill Valley vanished, and set time... Doc to sync up with the Clunko Toys company Carlton Ellsworth of his life to.! Threatened that his father owned, stepped into the android that is about to object to 20th. Began to fade out services for Emmett are being provided by Pittman Funeral home - Geneva: giving Einstein.... Vision for the flux capacitor Jennifer after she is dropped off at the stars with her telescope discovered... After dropping Marty home, surrounded by his daughter Betty and son-in-law Rudolph, March. Would n't respond to anyone, including his assistant wanted him to complete his and... Back a lot of memories for Brown grid, where he had snuck into laboratory... 1986 without the DeLorean instead Facebooka, by mieć kontakt z emmett brown death Brown” I,.

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