My experience has shown me…

STOP… letting this Scourge of Aging to Steal Your Youthful Body and Strength

Dear Reader,

Have you ever seen this image?sarcopenia_image

Do you know what it is?

It’s the difference in thigh muscle size between a 19-year-old and a 67-year-old. It’s called ‘sarcopenia’; the steady loss of muscle size due to aging.

This indidious deterioration begins after we pass the age of thirty. It starts happening even faster when we’re passed forty. It can change the shape of our bodies…

from having strong, youthful, and athletic contours

to resembling something like a “torpedo body.”

That is… if we don’t do something about it.

If you’re over the age of thirty-five, and definitely if you’ve passed 40, this message is for you. That’s especially the case if you don’t feel like your old self. If it already feels like the youthful body of your twenties has left, pay close attention because I have good news: It’s an illusion.

And it is totally reversible.

You don’t have to accept sarcopenia. You can have the strength, muscle size, shape, and fat-free body that brings back your youth. Your body can have athletic shape and contour. It can still exude youthful sex appeal. You can get it back steadily… predictably… and without frustration.

When you watch this entire video, I’ll tell you why age-related strength and muscle loss is easy to reverse.

First, let me explain why it’s important.

When we’re young, building strength and muscle is an impulse. Many of us did it instinctively. We guys did it to compete with other guys. It was a way to improve appearance and attract a special someone. It was for sports performance. It was a self-esteem booster… etc, etc…

… And it still has appeal for any or all of those reasons.

But as we get older, there’s an even better reason: Our health and longevity might actually depend on it. That’s right. It’s not just about vanity anymore; it’s also about survival.

Muscle Size and Strength can help you Live Longer

Researchers once thought being heavier shortened life span. More recent studies tell a different story. It turns out that body weight is not the factor. Both overweight and underweight people show similar mortality rates with age.

So something else is the crucial factor. It turns out that the key is Lean Body Mass.

More and more research shows that it’s lean body tissue… muscle… that’s a major factor determining how long we’re likely to live.

For example, a UCLA study on muscle mass and longevity was published in the American Journal of Medicine. Researchers analyzed data from over 3,600 older individuals collected between the years of 1988 and 1994. When followup survey information was collected and analyzed in 2004, a direct correlation was revealed between muscle mass and longevity. In other words, the more strong and muscular a participant was, the less likely they were to have died of natural causes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all these benefits of stronger and more youthfully sized muscles? Imagine the pride you’d feel when your body starts looking and feeling like it did fifteen, twenty, even thirty or more years ago.

Muscle is valuable on several fronts…


It has a pleasing appearance, giving your body youthful contour.


It provides functional strength for better sports performance.


It provides functional strength for everyday activity.


It protects against bone deterioration.


… And it appears to strengthen the immune system, providing a better chance at health and longevity.

But Most People trying to Gain Muscle are Struggling

The problem is that even young people have trouble gaining muscle. Where does that put us if we’ve hit middle age? I’ll tell you: If we’re going about it the wrong way, it can be about as hard as trying to roll a marble up a hill with your nose.

That’s because methods that produce sporadic progress for young people are downright counterproductive for people over 40. That’s a terrible waste of time and energy… to the point of being a mini-tragedy.

Have you ever experienced that?

Think about it: What’s worse than working hard for something and not getting it? How about also wasting precious time in the process? Not getting what we want while using up time we could have spent doing something else. That’s a really bad combination.

What about wasting money?

Have you ever hired a personal trainer? Did it ever feel like they only counted exercise repetitions for you; that they never really got you closer to your dream body? Did it ever feel like they were just “guessing” what to prescribe you… no better than you could have done yourself?

When we’re already facing an uphill battle, that’s the last thing we need. If sarcopenia is the shrinking of muscle due to age, bad training methods are the ‘salt in the wound’… adding insult to injury by making things worse.

If you’ve experienced these frustrations, don’t give up now. A great body can still be yours. You can experience the exhilaration of seeing and feeling your body IMPROVING with age. You can watch your body get better shaped week-by-week… month-by-month… year-by-year.

My name is Scott Abbett, and by the end of this short letter, I’m going to show you the ONE THING that’s made all the difference for me.

It’s the thing that’s allowed me to be in BETTER SHAPE at 50 than I was at age 25.

But it hasn’t always been this way for me. Becoming extremely fit at fifty only came long after…

… Hitting Rock Bottom in Health and Fitness

I stared in disbelief at the digital reading on the blood pressure monitor. I thought something was wrong with the machine… given I was only in my mid thirties. But there it was… displaying in green numbers what I didn’t want to accept…

163 over 87


I’d never had high blood pressure. I was always healthy. When I was younger, I’d endured basic Navy SEAL Training… Twice!

But that was before I’d gotten fat. That was before I’d spent over a decade eating big meals, powering down “weight gain” shakes, and developing an insatiable food addiction.

It was before I’d started being jolted awake in the middle of the night with the beginnings of sleep apnea… gasping for air in the cold sweat of an adrenaline rush.

It was before I’d reached 230 pounds at only just under 5 foot 9 in height.

Not a pretty sight.

I was aging fast… more quickly than was acceptable to me and ultimately, my loved ones; my family and close friends.

I sometimes heard them talking behind my back… worrying aloud among themselves about the direction of my weight and health.

How could I blame them? I was only in my mid-thirties. If I kept up at this pace of going the wrong direction, I’d be a mess in another few years.

If I didn’t break my addiction to food, my waistline would keep expanding… my blood pressure climbing. My signs of insulin resistance… of getting “the shakes” when I was hungry… would get even worse.

But when I assessed the situation, I realized something. I still had a burning itch inside me; I knew…

…I didn’t want to ONLY be healthy; I wanted a NICE physique that SHOWS that I’m healthy

I wanted a strong, lean, and muscular body; something that actually displayed health and vitality.

But everything I’d tried for muscle building and fat loss was a dead-end. Everything I tried would work a little bit… for a short time… and then suddenly stop working. It all eventually produced lousy results.

My darkest hour in body improvement came when I was almost 40. After coming home from the gym, I threw my gym bag across the room in utter frustration and disgust. I was finished… DONE! I’d had it with muscle building and fat loss. I figured you had to be genetically gifted… on weekly vials of steroids… or BOTH to simply gain a few pounds of muscle.

Then a Muscle Building Breakthrough Began Happening

No, I didn’t experience some old muscle headed guru walking out of the bushes while I was sitting on the beach… ready to shed his long held wisdom on me… or some similarly lame story.

Instead, I began to combine some strange things I’d noticed over the years with weird ideas I found in rare bodybuilding books. Let me start by explaining something I noticed. You’ve probably experienced the same thing.

I can’t even count how many times over the years I’ve heard the following: I run into somebody at the gym and we start talking. That person tells me that they’ve been on vacation and stopped working out for two weeks. Upon getting back to the gym… they worried that their progress might have gone backward…

“But it moved forward; I got stronger”, they say in gleeful astonishment. “I guess my body needed the extra rest… Cool, huh?”

… And then they just go right back to working out like before; back to their old schedule.

Strange, isn’t it? How can life throw us clues and we don’t see them right in front of our faces? Wouldn’t it make sense if that person’s reaction were to try resting their muscles for two weeks… all the time?

Why not?

Doing it that one time worked; they’d gotten STRONGER when returning to the gym.
What if they just did that all the time? Would they get stronger EVERY two weeks? Would they get great results while working out less often?

Of course, they never find out because they believe doing that is JUST WRONG!


Because nobody else is doing it… that’s why.

But that didn’t stop me; I started doing it… just for fun. I figured ‘What have I got to lose? I’m already making no progress. The worst that could happen is… I make no progress. If that happens, I’ll be no worse off than I am now…’

And when I gave it that test run… it worked INCREDIBLY well; I began making steady progress.

This motivated me and I added another strange ingredient. It was an idea I’d gotten from one of those rare old bodybuilding books. It’s the common sense idea that…

The Stronger a Muscle Gets… the More Rest Days it Needs to Get Stronger Still

Just think about that for a minute. When a muscle gets stronger, it’s gained just a little more contratile tissue producing that strength. When there’s a little more tissue, there’s a little more that needs to be recovered before the next workout.

What if I told you that sometimes “missing a workout” can actually be a GOOD THING?

Think about that for a minute. Everybody keeps working out with flexible exercise routines…

…that is “Muscle Confusion”…

And they use rigid rest schedules…

…as in “I can’t miss a workout”…

Then they get frustrated with little or no progress. This leads to them losing motivation and just stopping their workout program.

But resistance workouts only build muscle indirectly. They tear muscle tissue down. It’s only during rest between workouts that muscle gains strength and size.

And if a muscle gets a bit stronger, there’s more tissue that needs to be recuperated. In order for it to get stronger still… it might suddenly need MORE rest days than before.

Because of this, I’ve discovered that by using ‘flexible rest days’… I get AMAZING results.

But the flexible rest days need to be used with a very unique training method. That’s the only way they can work. They need to be combined with a SIMPLE but POWERFUL formula.

Where would I end up finding this formula?

I discovered the foundation from a rare and eccentric bodybuilding book. It was called the ‘Time, Volume, Efficiency Program.’

Once I modified and enhanced the principles from that method, I combined them with the ‘flexible rest days’ principle. That’s when natural muscle building progress really started happening for me.

And it’s when I looked around and realized…

The Deck is stacked against us… BEFORE We Enter a Gym

Statistics show that 67% of gym members stop working out within months of joining. These people start with great intentions. But their motivation for working out evaporates faster than a puddle on a hot summer sidewalk.

What happens; why is quitting so common in body improvement?

You might be surprised to learn that I really don’t blame these people for quitting. Why should anyone keep doing something that produces little or no reward? It’s human nature to stop when that happens; it’s a survival mechanism.

But why do so many body improvement routines produce so little?

It’s because lousy results feed the industry on all sides.

Personal trainers assume most of their clients will quit before too long. So they get lazy. Many of them dish out generic routines in an arbitrary manner. They let their clients think they’re making progress based on how sore and tired the client feels. When the client quits, it’s his or her fault for not “sticking with it” long enough. That’s when the trainer just fishes for new clients.

The industry magazines just push advertising. So they keep recycling a collection of routines with different packaging. They have no vested interest in whether we get results. In fact, it benefits them if we don’t make too good of progress. That’s what keeps us hungry to order the latest hot supplement products being touted on the glossy pages of the magazines.

The gym owners benefit too. What could be better for business than having a bunch of members paying monthly dues but not showing up? It definitely brings in a LOT more revenue. If all the ‘no-shows’ immediately stopped paying dues and only the attendees paid a membership … the gym might go out of business.

On top of all this, the standard industry workout routines were distorted by steroids long ago. Think about this: Half your success in building muscle depends on recuperation… on RESTING between workouts. But that’s usually given limited attention… almost like an afterthought. Most industry trainers will give you fewer rest days than workout days.

That’ll work GREAT if you’re a steroid user… Not so well if you’re NOT one.

Steroids dramatically increase the rate of recuperation after workouts. But most people are not recuperating that fast; they’re training NATURALLY.

Even regular steroid users are training without them much of the time. But everyone keeps using the same training schedules; the ones that would only work well if we were all on steroids.

Even when life throws us a clue – like the two-week “vacation layoff” that produced stronger muscles – we still go back to the training schedule that would only produce results with steroids. Astounding!

Why do we do that?

It’s the ‘herd mentality’; everyone assuming that everyone else knows what they’re doing.

I’ll show you how to dump the herd mentality and get the body of your dreams. I’ll show you how to push back against the industry and actually GET EXCITING RESULTS… 100% NATURALLY. Let me introduce you to…

The ONE THING… that’s made All the Difference for My Clients and Me

It’s a concept I call ‘Muscle Clarity.’ This is the cornerstone THING that’s made all the difference.

Along with Muscle Clarity is a bunch of cool stuff I’ve learned over the years. Together they’re the reason I’m stronger, leaner, and more muscular now than in my twenties.


I’m even in much better cardio shape – with BETTER insulin sensitivity – than probably 90% of younger people.

I’m now in my early fifties. That’s a big turn-around.

Why do I call this ‘Muscle Clarity?’

Because it’s the OPPOSITE of “muscle confusion”, which never got me, or anyone I know… anywhere.

Muscle clarity is my secret sauce. It’s what makes me more youthfully muscular and strong now than a year ago. It’s why keeping fat off my body is easier now than just six months ago. It is why I will NEVER again train like everyone else.

Muscle Clarity can ABSOLUTELY do the same for YOU.

So what is Muscle Clarity?

It’s the act of making progress by following the ratio of weight volume moved by the total rest time used in moving it.

That’s the simple answer. And it works incredibly well because it respects the way your body WANTS to gain strength and muscle.

How well can it work?

Can it work for you?

Well, it’s not just me. Take a Look at what this Breakthrough has done for Others…

“I’m making progress like I was 20 instead of 50!
Scott, I have enjoyed your insights and this is the 1st time I have made steady, ever increasing progress, and I could not be more thrilled. Thanks for the information and encouragement.”

John Thomas

Asheville, NC

“Thanks for the best workout information I have ever had!
I am 41 and I got great comments on my body while in Cabo over Thanksgiving! I now have my wife on your program…”

Scott Fritz

Las Vegas, Nevada

… And here’s what’s Really Cool; Improving Your Body in a Way that Works has Hidden Benefits…

“A great book with great principles!
I plan on utilizing several of them for more than just physical change!”

Richard Von Scherr

Alpharetta, GA

What did my client ‘Richard’ mean by that?

He discovered that using an effective formula for body improvement can boost EVERYTHING ELSE in your life. It provides a template for success.

I’ve found the exact same thing.

When we use a formula in which the SYNERGISTIC EFFECT is greater than the SUM OF its PARTS, we can find ourselves doing that in other areas… like our professional lives.

That’s a benefit you can just tuck away… knowing it can serve you whenever you need it.
But besides that, you can also…

… Save Yourself a LOT of Time and Money

That’s something we all need to do. The fitness industry can ‘drain you dry’ if you’re not careful. They constantly make you believe it’s just another pill or powder you’ll need to make progress.

And if they’re not wasting your money, then it’s your time.

If you’re like I am… you don’t like wasting either of those; life’s too short.

That’s what my client Denise thinks too; she’s now saving a LOT of time…

“Thanks also for taking the skeptic out of me who thinks spending 7 days a week at the gym is beneficial. I actually look forward to going the gym now, knowing that I'm not a slave to it. The time off does stimulate muscle growth like you said.” Denise Ludwig

Mission Viejo, CA

You’ll get ‘Muscle Clarity’ and its Powerful Effects with the Instantly Downloadable book, Ageless Buff Body

That’s why I’ve created this book… to share the POWER of Muscle Clarity.

It’s called ‘Ageless Buff Body: Get Leaner, Stronger, and More Muscular than Ever in Your Middle Years.’
But Muscle Clarity is just one powerful concept you’ll get from what’s in this book. You’ll also get detailed but easy-to-understand information on eating habits that create a LEAN, STRONG and MUSCULAR Body.

But that’s not all.

You get a simple version and an advanced version of BOTH the workout program and eating methods so YOU decide how far you want to go with changing your body.

I’ve held nothing back when writing this. It is…

A Formula that took nearly a Decade to Fine Tune

… A Book that took Two Years to Write

This is not something thrown together in a couple weeks, or even a month. It’s the result of a decade of trial-and-error… and months of research on top of that.

It took going against the status quo… and pushback from some “trainers” who knew it would expose their bad methods.

It required thousands of dollars and months of hard work to create the mobile app that goes along with the training method.

But it was WORTH IT; the result is a methodology that works like gangbusters.

It works by saving you months and years of wasted time and effort getting little or no results.

It will save you from gut-wrenching frustration that befalls millions of people trying to change their bodies.

It will save you money that you might easily waste on pills or powders that get you nowhere without an effective workout method.

Ageless Buff Body…


Shows you how to make non-stop body improvement… so you can actually get in better shape with age, rather than losing shape and becoming a torpedo body.


Teaches you the real secret to FAST 100% natural muscle building progress… so you can always build your body in a healthy manner without drugs.


Gives you insight into what’s going on with your body’s development… so you’ll quickly know more than ANY personal trainer you could hire.


Provides step-by-step guidance to go from wherever you are to wherever you want to be… so you can ‘just improve a little’ or go all the way to ‘elite buff body’ if you want.


Shows you how to combine its unique method with a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and super short workout routine… so you can spend no more than thirty minutes training if you’re a time-strapped person.

Here is some more of what other people are saying…

“I have to say it is by far the most sane, logical and clear-cut approach to achieving specific fitness (and life) goals that I have ever encountered! It is precisely the knowledge I had been seeking but did not know where to turn. Thank you!”

David Konitor

Montreal, Canada

“Thank you for all your information on staying fit without worrying about all the hype and spending 500 a month on pills. I am stronger now than I ever was in the military and that says a lot.”

Mitchell Mahaffey

Oak Harbor, WA

“I used to think if I didn’t go to the gym every day that I would lose size, like a deflating balloon, but I go to the gym less often now, and when I go to wash my hands at the sink and look in the mirror it’s like “HOLY COW” who’s arms are you wearing?!” It almost feels like cheating, ‘cause my muscles keep getting bigger but I’m not tired or sore!”

Seth Young

Killeen, Texas

“I am having a LOT LESS joint pain with your instructions incorporating proper rest than I was following somebody else’s program that was starting to really wear on my various body parts. Your program is very scientific and progressive, providing long-term direction.”

Owen Jasek

La Grange, IL

“I have received my book from you and have almost finished it. First, let me congratulate you; it is fantastic. It’s far above any others I have read, and I have read and bought many in my 50 + years of training and interest in bodybuilding.

Ron Kehoe

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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I’ve added more power-packed information to this book since these people got their early copies. It now has two chapters on eating tactics for a lean and muscular body. One chapter explains a basic method; the other a very detailed one.

I’ve also added a chapter on shedding body fat that explains how to start slowly and build your ability as your body gets stronger. That’s POWERFUL.

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“How is that?” You ask.

It takes a sports mental training technique and applies it to muscle building. One trac of the audio is designed to be listened to outside the gym… while relaxing. This is where suggestions for a better workout are ‘anchored’ to a specific sequence of tones. The tones are then embedded in music that you can play on headphones during a workout.

Your mind hears the tones… ‘BAM’; You’re in the ZONE for a GREAT WORKOUT.

The workout methods in Ageless Buff Body are very effective by themselves. This audio can take them to the next level.

But here’s something else.

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If you’re a man, what’s the #1 hormone you need to maximize for more strength and muscle?

The answer, of course, is TESTOSTERONE; it’s the strength-building, fat-burning, energy-producing, sex performance hormone.

And for many guys… it drops fast after age 35 or 40.

This leads to lost muscle, strength, energy, passion, and sexual performance.

Many men resort to hormone replacement therapy when this happens.

But that results in a complete shutdown of natural testosterone… which leads to total dependency on hormone replacement therapy.

Before going that route, you should find out the incredible potential of NATURAL TESTOSTERONE boosters. That’s the focus of this FREE REPORT that comes with Ageless Buff Body…

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But there’s one more issue I need to address with yet another bonus.

I realize that you might be a time-strapped individual. If so, you’re not alone; many people are so busy that they have trouble setting aside more than thirty or forty minutes for a workout.

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This fully illustrated workout manual is based on a revealing study done at the University of Padova in Italy. The researchers of the study discovered that a certain type of VERY unique training method burned 450% more calories than did a standard routine. The training method that produced this amazing success is the EXACT routine detailed in this manual.

It’s based on the ‘after-burn effect’; the steady burning of calories and body fat long AFTER a training session has ended.

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… “Cha Ching”… almost 200 bucks out of your pocket.

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I’ll give you a full 90 days money-back guarantee. You need a season; a quarter-year to give it a try.

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Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you find out there’s a roadmap for starting from wherever you are… and going just as far as you want with improving your body.


Imagine how great you’ll feel seeing new contours of shapely muscle when you look at yourself in the mirror…

… instead of watching sarcopenia turn you into a “torpedo body.”

But most of all… imagine the sense of POWER you’ll gain when you realize you have a formula to actually Get BETTER with AGE.

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Remember… if you don’t Act Now

… Nothing ever changes. The status quo is really a state of subtle deterioration.

I know that sounds harsh, but you’ll agree it’s true… with everything in life.

My clients and I will keep using these unique methods to improvement with age. We’ll keep doing it with better results for less effort…regardless of what you decide.

You can join us and enjoy the age-defying results we’re enjoying… or you can remain stuck and frustrated like 95% of people who work out in conventional ways.

The choice is yours. I hope you join us.

Thanks for reading.

Scott Abbett

Copyright 2016 – Street-Smart Fitness Co. – All Rights Reserved